Saturday, March 27, 2010

Twinkie's Treasures


Well this is my first posting. YAAAY!! I want you guys (whoever is out there) to really come here and get ideas to do your own crafty projects in a very cheap way. I know that we're not all rich and have tons of money to spend on art supplies. So instead of feeling like you can't do something because you don't have the money to buy the material, feel free to get creative and use whatever you may have lying around in your house.

There are so many great talented ladies out there doing some beautiful blogs, and that inspired me to not feel afraid to share what I love to do. I'm a graphic designer but I have a secret obsession with paper. I absolutely LOVE pretty paper. Michael's, A.C. Moore, & Pearl Paint are absolutely one of my favorite stores. But I always seem to find cheaper materials at the dollar store and I'm really not ashamed to admit it either.

If you guys are wondering about me, I'm not originally from here, I grew up in Brazil, and the name Twinkie's Treasures comes from my cute fat doggie Tweety. She's a rhodisian ridgeback, and my boyfriend always calls her twinkie playing around because shes a weeee bit chubby. Okay okay shes a little fat. But I still love her<3
and so does he ^_^

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